neurocoaching-brain-nci-300These are basic neuroscience principles, that can be used in conjunction with to coaching, learning, and personal development processes.

To start with is good to recognize that the human brain is, so far, the most complex biological structure ever know to man.

When people become more and more aware of Neurocoaching, it is so catchy that we are going to see “neuro” in about every discipline. Neuroeducation, neuromarketing, neuroleadership, neurosafety, etc.
We just hope that the understanding and application of “Neuro” will be based on the value added by the real knowledge about neuroscience, not by the mere marketing value of the term.

Let us take a look at some fundamental principles of neuroscience:

  1. We know that neuron cells communicate using electric and chemical components.
  2. The basis of the nervous system is a genetic construct of neural structures and pathways.
  3. Experiences change the nervous system. With this in mind, there is no more Nature Vs. Nurture: reality is, both win. Environment ends up been as determinant as genes themselves.
  4. The nervous system controls and responds to bodily functions and controls behavior.
  5. Imagination and real life are the same to the brain, basically.
  6. Emotion is a powerful component for memory formation.
  7. Intelligence emerges from the brain, as it reasons, makes associations, plans and solves problems.
  8. The brain makes possible the communication of knowledge, experiences, and vision of the future through language.
  9. The brain gives us the urge and the curiosity to explore and understand how the world works.
  10. Relationships are the basis of change.
  11. The brain reacts in two basic directions:
    One is, by avoiding or confronting threats, and another is by seeking rewards.
  12. Repetition, rhythm, and rewards help in the process of creating habits.
These are simple facts that can help you in understanding and in developing strategies for personal change.
Luis Gaviria