A great Neuroscience Based Coaching Training!


It is really hard to identify a great coaching program. There is such a large offer that it’s just normal to get confused.

Each school or training program claims to have the best educational tools and curriculum. In reality it boils down to what you really want to accomplish. If you want to have good credentials, one of the best ways is to get trained by a good school and then get certified by a recognized association, like the International Association of Coaching – IAC or the International Coach Federation.

Some schools maintain that their program is somehow “self certified”; this means that they pretend to sell the idea that just by graduating from their program you are automatically certified internationally or globally. Truth is that any serious program may offer a graduation and an internal certification process, but they will also provide a clear path to certification by professional bodies like IAC or ICF. We would suggest you find an IAC licensed training program or a credentialed ICF program. This ensures you will be best investing your time and money. Remember that money you can always get more of, while you can not recuperate lost months or years spent in a dead end type of training.


Beware of those one weekend coaching certification programs. Believe us when we say that this is not a matter of learning a simple set of procedures, filling out a set of forms while you read a list of “powerful” questions. That is something you can learn in a single morning. A real and sound coaching training program should give you the tools to put your own life in line with your own dreams and sense of purpose. Then, and only then, you will find yourself empowered and endowed with the tools and masteries to coach other people. That won’t happen overnight.

A basic training program offers a minimum of 125 hours of classes and interaction with coaching instructors. Some schools offer a six month process, while others speak about an 8 to 12 months. At NCI our coaches take from a 12 months to a 24 months Professional Coach training program. Our coaches attend 2.5 hour class sessions every week, they meet with their assigned Mentor Coaches every 2 weeks, they also practice with peers and friends every week as well, and they also participate in Practicum sessions in which they coach other students under their peer’s observation, while being evaluated by professional seasoned coaches.

We believe that we teach better that which we need to learn. That’s why our students teach a big part of what they learn, so they solidify their learning.


When we speak about neuroscience is because we have enriched our coaching training program with knowledge and principles that take standard training to a whole new level, while maintaining high standards in coaching practice. We do all this in plain terms, without the intricacies of medical jargon.

At NCI there is a Medical Board that includes brain surgeons, psychophysiologists, and doctors with other medical specialties as well.


At NCI we are bilingual (English & Spanish) and we encourage cross cultural interactions. Nowadays coaching clients can show up from all over the world. Learning how to coach understanding at least two cultures is a must.


NCI is composed by a rich group of caring and knowledgeable human beings who love to help and share. We are scattered over many countries. You find NCI coaches in Canada, the US, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, and Spain. We take new students under our wing until each one is ready to help others.


You can take one of our three month courses ( a la carte) or commit to the two year training. Every Dollar you pay and every course you take will be accounted for if you ever have to leave and come back.

If you think that our Coaching and Leadership Training and Neuroscience approach fits your needs, please contact us and we will guide you (no strings attached) and help you in solving your doubts. There might be a place for you at NCI.

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