We are a team of human beings, dedicated to help other human beings in their personal and professional development.

We are licensed by the International Association of Coaching, founded by Thomas Leonard, the father of Professional Coaching. We train coaches for international certification:

iacOur Medical and Scientific Board is comprised of eminent professionals:

  • Carlos Jaime Yepes, MD, Neurosurgeon
  • Nicolas Jaramillo, MD, Cardiologist
  • William Alvarez, MD, Otorhinolaryngologist
  • Carlos Mario Gonzalez, MD, Orthopedist
  • Carlos Jorge Avila, MD, Obstetrics
  • Luis Gaviria, Ph.D., Psychophysiologist
  • Alberto Guzman, MD, Internist

Gaventerprise Group Corporation started back in 1.982 as the Executive Training Center. Years later it became Luis Gaviria & Associates and since 2005 it finally got its new name.

Through our NCI World Campus, fully interactive video conference platform, we reach students around the world. Some of our training are conducted in hotel conference rooms around the world.

We have students of Coaching and Neuroscience-Based Coaching in twenty-four countries. We even have coaches, that having graduated from other schools, find important to supplement their training with our Neuroscience and Coaching approaches.

Our coaching instructors include classic Thomas Leonard school, ontological coaches, and also NLP trained coaches.

Our HSE consultants and trainers are OSHA certified. We are proud members of the National Safety Council.

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