Many countries have their independence celebration dates. As an interesting fact, twenty-two countries celebrate their independence in July.

July 4th marks the Independence Day of the United States of America - independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain.

Every July 20th, Colombia celebrates its Independence Day from the Spanish Crown. Argentina does the same on July 9th. Venezuela celebrates on July 5th. Spain, in turn, was a Roman colony, then under Arab rule for over 800 years, and later had its difficulties with France under Napoleon's Empire. Spain had its own War of Independence against France and triumphed. India, under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, gained independence from British rule in 1947 and celebrates it every August 15th.

Independence is declared as a decision to cut off an influence that harms or inhibits the integral development of a people. It's usually a declaration of independence from a tyranny that doesn't allow progress or the choice of one's own destiny. It's a declaration of one of the most powerful decisions a human being or a people can make: to choose freedom.

Here's where I'm going with this:

I want to invite you and me to make a Declaration of Independence from various tyrannies that surely don't allow us to develop integrally, that don't allow us to choose our own destiny, and that frankly rob us of the possibility of being truly free.

I'm referring to these forms of tyranny, some of which you might identify in your own life (hopefully first) and in the lives of people you know.

  • The tyranny of "what will they say" and others' criticism. What would have become of South Africa if Nelson Mandela had succumbed to criticism or "what will they say," or if Gandhi had done the same, or even more, if Jesus, who divided history into two parts, hadn't had the determination to see his plan realized, for which he literally gave his blood.
  • The tyranny of fear of losing what we have, fear of poverty.
  • The tyranny of poor self-esteem that makes you believe, among other things, that if something good comes into your life, you don't deserve it and you'll lose it. And that's what you get!
  • The tyranny of fear of illness, which ends up making you sick.
  • The tyranny of fear of death, which is the only certain circumstance we have on this planet (besides taxes).
  • The tyranny of fear of loving again, which makes us coat ourselves with a non-stick surface like that of frying pans, and makes it so that even if true love presents itself, it will slip away and we won't even notice!

Please respond below with arguments or ideas that occur to you in relation to the following tyrannies:

  • The tyranny of perfectionism
  • The tyranny of resentment
  • The tyranny of feelings of guilt
  • The tyranny of manipulation
  • The tyranny of fear of pain
  • The tyranny of fear of loneliness
  • The tyranny of ignorance or at least lack of education

I want us to consider something important. The example of Colombia, which celebrates its Declaration of Independence on July 20, 1810, but had to wait until August 7, 1819, to celebrate the end of the war and finally consolidate its reality as a sovereign state. Imagine, it took just over nineteen years of struggles and difficulties to achieve it! The same happened to Mexico and dozens and dozens of countries in their history.

The thing is that for a decision to become a declaration and be acted upon, it demands actions! Good wishes are not enough here! It requires leadership, and leadership generates movement, generates actions, and a commitment based on firm and clear purposes.

So begin by identifying which of the mentioned tyrannies apply to you, and from our hearts, let's shout together ENOUGH!

Enough of living other people's lives, enough of resentments that give us nothing but a good dose of the poison we want to give to those who hurt us. Enough of living with fears that paralyze us and shrink our souls and don't allow us to express our greatness! I'm not talking about being greater than someone else. I'm talking about greatness expressed in being greater than the challenges life brings us, being greater than illness, greater than pain, greater than obstacles and sadness.

Some time ago, I had surgery for a cyst on my back, and when I got home at night, I couldn't sleep as a side effect of general anesthesia. I took the opportunity to practice some of what I just told you about. When one of the nurses asked me how I felt about going into surgery, I replied, "I'm happy." She says, "What do you mean, happy! Aren't you scared?" And I said, "No, I'm not scared. My patients enter surgery with hope, and I come with joy to see how I can help them. Now it's my turn, and I choose to see my privilege. How many sick people don't even get a consultation! In my case, thanks to having insurance, I'm receiving everything. And my friends are taking care of me!"

This way of seeing life isn't natural to me. As a child, I looked at life with pessimism or always expecting the worst. Rather with the hope that if I expected the worst and something good happened, then life would surprise me. Today I choose to live differently. It's what I propose to you in case you're interested.

I've only mentioned a few tyrannies that we humans learn to accept. Please, using the comment space below, share other tyrannies that come to mind and help us bring light to this powerful topic.

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I send you a big hug.

Luis Gaviria
General Director
Neuroscience & Coaching Institute


Freedom, Inspiration, Motivation

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